Fun At Jurassic Park

It’s rare these days to get to do a project “just for fun,” but when you happen to end up on the backlot for the Jurassic Park series, its not hard to let your inner child out.

Kualoa Ranch on O'ahu, Hawai'i. The location for Jurassic Park.

My good friends Stephenie and Matt had an amazing wedding at Kualoa Ranch on O’ahu, so I had to take advantage of replicating the visuals from the iconic and eye-popping film. As a kid, Jurassic Park was a major inspiration for me getting into animation and visual effects. The movie changed the game in terms of creating a realistic organic life form for film. A perfect blend of practical and digital effects were used to scare the crap out of the audience.

Recreating the famous t-rex was done using a 3-D model in Maya, and then compositing finished in Photoshop.

Looking forward to the new Jurassic World film coming out this summer!

The newlyweds, running for their lives.
Making Waves

Honokea Surf Villages & Resorts

Honokea is a very unique company with whom I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with this year.  They develop large-scale real estate projects around leading edge wave-making technology.  The result is an eco-friendly surf village that surrounds a wave pool that is created using the only viable man-made waves for surfing.

Needless to say, this is a complex business to convey to potential clients, partners and investors.

Working with members of the Honokea executive team, we created marketing materials that included a new website and sales video. Both pieces are being used to collect leads for potential investors .

Motor Trend TV shoot

B-Roll shoot to gather foootage for the 2015 series of Motor Trend International Auto Shows.


Food Truck Wrap

The vinyl wrap for the Smoke On The Go food truck is now complete and ready for the road…

See more at:

Pro Bono Website


Delmarva Blue Star Mothers

Client-maintained website built for the Delmarva Chapter of Blue Star Mothers. The Blue Star Mothers is an organization of moms who have sons and daughters serving or who have served in the armed forces. These folks have monthly meetings to organize their activities which include:

  • Providing care packages for deployed soldiers.
  • Promoting legislation in support of our veterans, active personnel, and their families.
  • Welcoming soldiers home.
  • Supporting families during deployment.
  • Volunteering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Ft. Belvoir and Ft. Meade.
  • Collecting cards and care package items for our troops.
  • Attending Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and other patriotic events.
  • Supporting our Silver Star families.
  • Comforting and honoring our Gold Star families.