Honokea Surf Villages & Resorts Website

Client website designed to generate leads for future investment partners.


For the last 100 years HAWAI’I has led the world in sharing the sport of surfing.  HONOKEA, based on Oahu, aspires to bring the values of the Hawaiian culture to the world through creating eco-friendly resort villages that combine surfing with a wide variety of adventures into a great family experience. HONOKEA builds on these traditions combining Hawaiian Culture and cutting edge surf generation technologies to create engaging and relevant opportunities for retail, dining, overnight accommodations, recreation, and community events anywhere in the world.

Needless to say, this is a complex business to convey to potential clients, partners and investors.

Working with members of the Honokea executive team, I created marketing materials that included a new website and sales video for potential investors.  Both pieces are being used by financial firms to collect leads for their next project.